Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Salary Prospects of Forensic Psychologists

When the concepts of psychology are applied into criminal or legal investigations, the science is termed as forensic psychology. If you have an interest to read people's mind, and at the same time want to understand criminals' mindset, then forensic psychology is the right career choice for you, and you will earn a handsome forensic psychology salary too. With the increasing popularity and awareness of this stream among students, a number of colleges, universities and institutions around the world have come up with valuable courses of different levels, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral research programs.

A career in forensic psychology is rewarding, both in terms of financial and mental satisfaction. As a forensic psychologist, you may get employment as a:

    victim advocate to bring justice to crime victims
    coordinator in supervised release programs
    consultant or forensic psychologist in a courtroom, prison, rehabilitation center or juvenile detention center
    case worker to watch over convicts
    educator, supervisor or professor in an educational institution

The forensic psychology salary that you will receive largely depends on your education, experience, nature of work, and the field in which you have found the job. There may be several factors that may influence your income.

Education or qualification

A forensic psychologist with a master's degree earns $59,440 per annum on an average, while a doctorate degree can increase your income to as much as $93,000 in a year. The figures can increase with more qualifications in your profile, such as additional certificates or short-term courses.


According to statistics, the career of a forensic psychologist starts with an annual income of $53,500 on an average. Within 2 years, the salary increases to $57,000, and after 5 to 8 years, an experienced forensic psychologist draws a salary of $66,000 per annum. Senior professionals with around 20 years of experience in the field manage to grab $74,988 to $86,000 in a year easily. The figures suggest that even if your career starts with not-so-good salary, it is sure to increase soon. After all, experience matters.

Nature of job

Depending on the nature of your job and the organization in which you are placed, your annual forensic psychology salary may range from $57,000 to $64,000. On an average, a forensic psychologist employed in a local or government body earns $64,000 per year, while a self-employed one or the one working in a private firm earns a little less with $63,000 per year on an average. A non-profit organization pays $56,900 per annum to a forensic psychologist, while federal government institutions pay $60,000 on an average. If you are employed in a substance abuse center, a psychiatric institution or a general hospital, you are likely to receive $62,000 per year on an average. While non-profit organizations pay less, they may employ you even if you have no experience. Therefore, they can be a good place to start your career in the field, as the salary given by them is not so bad.

Other factors that influence your forensic psychology salary

    Researches have revealed that female forensic psychologists are given less money than male ones. Women earn $47,453 to $76,103 on an average, while men are paid $51,395 to $104,768 per year. Reasons for such discrepancies are not known, but this is what the studies have exposed about the industry.
    The geographical location in which you are practicing also affects your forensic psychology salary. Cities like Washington DC are high paying places, while Midwest areas are low paying. But remember, cost of living in such low paying areas is low as well. Therefore, you are on an advantage in these areas too.
    The reputation, authenticity and value of your university also play an important role in determining your forensic psychology salary. A degree in forensic psychology from an alleged college or university is sure to bring your more dollars.

To sum up, you will earn a good amount of money while being a forensic psychologist. But more than that, you will have peace of mind by helping others find a better path of life. Now that you know what forensic psychology salary you might earn in this career choice, you can make a wiser decision on whether this is the good choice for you or not.

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