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All About Clinical Psychology PhD Programs

Clinical psychology deals with the understanding of behavioral science and scientific method. It is a field of psychology which deals with assessment and treatment of abnormal human behavior, mental illness and psychiatric problems. It is an integration of psychology and mental problem treatment, making it a challenging, yet rewarding career field. But in order to gain maximum benefits out of your education, you need to enroll in one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs offered by many global universities.

Areas of specialization

When you enroll into a Ph.D. program, you can gain specialization in any of the following specialty areas:

    Adult or child mental health
    Learning disabilities
    Emotional disturbances
    Substance abuse
    Health psychology

Ph.D. programs offer two study tracks: general study course of clinical psychology, and sub-specialty in any of the above mentioned sub-fields of clinical psychology. Any program that you choose will prepare you for a diverse range of intervention and psycho-diagnostic procedures, as well as researches.

During the program, you will need to demonstrate your ability to interpret and understand researches made by other people. Based on this understanding and interpretation, you will be designing and executing relevant researches of your own. The programs will prepare you to function in diverse academic, research and professional roles. You will gain broad exposure to empirical and theoretical underpinnings of clinical psychology, and receive extensive training in terms of techniques and strategies of intervention and assessment.

In short, these Ph.D. programs will make you capable of performing following tasks efficiently:

    Evaluating, diagnosing and treating psychological disorders of patients
    Offering testimonials in legal settings
    Educating students
    Conducting researches
    Developing treatment programs for patients
    Developing programs for the prevention of social problems
    Evaluating and treating drug or alcohol abuse

Eligibility criteria

The students should have at least a graduate degree in hand before applying for a Ph.D. program. Most universities require a 2.1 honors degree in psychology. Students with other academic achievements, like those with high degree, conference presentations, publications or research experience are generally preferred. Relevant experience in the field is also required by some universities, which means that you should be experienced in applying psychological principles into real life practice. Previous experience under the supervision of a clinical psychologist is an advantage, but nursing or support work or experience in a relevant voluntary organization can also be considered. If you have worked previously on a relevant research project can also add to your advantage, especially if it involved you to come in direct contact with the client.

Career options

Most Ph.D. programs take 4 to 7 years to complete, and call for training in diagnosis, assessment and psychotherapy, apart from research methods, neuroscience, theoretical training and specialized training in social and behavioral sciences. A Ph.D. program completes when you submit a doctoral dissertation. To become a doctor in clinical psychology, you will require 2 years of internship, and then, take state and national licensing exams. Almost all states need that one of these 2 years must be completed after gaining the doctorate degree. Besides regional accreditation, several clinical psychology Ph.D. programs are also given professional accreditation by national level authorities.

Earning capacity

On an average, a clinical psychologist with doctoral degree earns around $87,015 per annum. Salary of a clinical psychologist typically ranges from $51,000 to $90,000, depending on his or her experience in the field, interpersonal skills, nature of job and employment sector. For example, private practicing clinical psychologists with 5 years of experience earn $54,000 per annum, while after 10-14 years, the same psychologist can earn $100,000 per year. This means that even after completing one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, your salary will depend on your experience, sector of employment and skills.

There is a huge list of universities offering clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, including Ohio State University, Temple University, University of Victoria, Concordia University, Miami University, Northern Illinois University and Arizona State University. Before enrolling to one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, do not forget to check out the university's faculty, course curriculum and fee structure.

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