Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Life Insurance to Protect Your Family

The future of your family could be turn up side down if you die. Your kid could not reach higher education due to expensive education cost. Your spouse must struggle to survive since you no longer able to support him or her. Your death would be a deep grieve for them that you can do nothing for it but at least you can protect their financial with life insurance.

You can find much life insurance company with different plans and rates. To choose the right company and plan so you can get affordable rate with optimum benefit, you need to make research first. You must educate yourself about the plans and benefits. Look at yourself and your family to know which one suit you best. You can consult with the expert about it. Then, you need to request quotes and compare several plans from different companies to find one best plan to fit your condition.

Your age and your health condition will influence the rate. You had better purchase life insurance early when you still young and healthy so you can have lower rate. Do not wait until everything is too late and you cannot do anything to protect your family.

Why Payday Loan is an Easy Choice

They claim payday loan as the easiest way to get financial help. When you have financial problem, you may think to give it a try. You will never find the complication when you apply bank loan or listen to along advice from your sister of how to get better job to earn more money. However, do you know why it could be so easy?

Online process makes it so simple and fast. You don’t have to go anywhere and only open your browser to visit the website and apply it online in just minutes. Most of them do not require document proof so you don’t have to fax anything. The requirement is so easy with the basics are citizenship, adult age, certain regular income, and personal bank account. They will respond fast to inform your approval and transfer the money in less then 24 hours to your bank account. Once you get the money on your bank account, you can use it for anything.

Payday loans are so easy that almost every citizen in the country qualified. Nevertheless, check your eligibility to apply the loan before you apply and calculate the loan before you confirm the loan. You will find no problem if you careful.

Rates For Your Car

People today are more protective to their belongings, especially for their vehicles such as car, van or motorbike. There are a lot of insurance companies that can help them in protecting their car. Each of the insurance company has its own best product to insure the car. If you are interested, you can search for the companies in many sources like newspaper, tabloid, magazine and also internet.

Car insurance company will give you many services like providing company reviews, claims help, and other important information that you can see on the internet. Sometimes you will find problems in deciding the right policy when you insure your car. But, there is always help that you can count on the company. There are of course explanations that you can understand on the webpage.

You need to save money to protect your car. This effort is very valuable in the future if you have an accident with your car. You can claim it easily and get the coverage money for your car. Since there are a lot of insurance companies, you can choose the right one by comparing the rates among them. You

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Online Psychology Degree Programs

Now is a great time to be looking for a job in the field of psychology, especially if you have recently completed your psychology degree in a preferred specialization. Initially, it is important to develop a strong sense of goal and the ability to understand human behavior through critical thinking and analysis. The field of psychology is founded on examining behavioral processes in humans and requires a psychologist to understand the minds of people completely.

Look for the best colleges to pursue Bachelor and Master Degree in psychology. Students can learn so much from faculty members who possess years of practical knowledge in their field. Get complete information about study material, specifically that which relates to your focus in the field. Look for various psychology programs at different academic levels as well as individual psychology courses that can contribute to your overall professional development.

Give proper weight to further studies and consider earning your doctorate in psychology and deeply experience the full measure of your field. A great option is to look for the best colleges for psychology that offer online programs ranging from a Bachelors degree to MBAs and PhDs. Psychological studies focus on the details of different human experiences as the core of its programs. Here are some examples of major psychology programs to consider:

    Associates Degree in Psychology: An associate's degree will take 2 years to complete. The courses are basic but will be a great foundation for transferring to a 4-year college or university. Most entry level jobs require a bachelor's degree as a minimum, but an associates degree allow you to gain skills and a solid background as you move forward in your education.

    Bachelor Degree in Psychology: A bachelor's degree program is either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. These differ only in the number of course focusing on liberal arts vs. science as their background. It is usually based on what the school you select offers. A bachelor's degree provides you the basic insight of a general foundation in psychology. Students become familiar with cognitive and affective processes, which underline the basis of human development and behavior. These programs are designed to supervise your thinking skills, enhance your critical thinking power, communication, understanding and human analysis in the hopes that you will utilize them in the future.

    Masters in Psychology: A master's degree again come as either MS, or MA. This upper level of education focuses on clinical study of human psychology including specialization such as child psychology, mental health, and others. It includes behavior, thought process and emotions, which takes proper practical knowledge to define behavior and research methods. Study research methods explore various applications for application in different inter and intra-personal issues.

    Individual Psychology Courses: This is a very popular psychology program. It can help an individual grow with a large selection of informative and inspirational psychology programs. Individual Psychology programs include:

Undergraduate Courses

· Human Motivation
· Theories of Personality
· Organizational Psychology
· General Psychology
· Cognitive Psychology
· Stages of life

Graduate Courses

· Psychology of Learning
· Physiological Psychology
· Lifespan Development and Learning
· Personality Theories
· Multicultural Psychology

An accredited degree program can help you shape your career in the field of psychology and your future earnings through it. Counseling and psychology degrees offer the potential to earn $45,000-$58,000 per year. Specific fields can get you involved as the counselor in a school, guidance, vocational, mental health, or marriage fields. Hard work as you experience all this field has to offer can certainly help you reach great heights in the field of psychology in your future.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Salary Prospects of Forensic Psychologists

When the concepts of psychology are applied into criminal or legal investigations, the science is termed as forensic psychology. If you have an interest to read people's mind, and at the same time want to understand criminals' mindset, then forensic psychology is the right career choice for you, and you will earn a handsome forensic psychology salary too. With the increasing popularity and awareness of this stream among students, a number of colleges, universities and institutions around the world have come up with valuable courses of different levels, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral research programs.

A career in forensic psychology is rewarding, both in terms of financial and mental satisfaction. As a forensic psychologist, you may get employment as a:

    victim advocate to bring justice to crime victims
    coordinator in supervised release programs
    consultant or forensic psychologist in a courtroom, prison, rehabilitation center or juvenile detention center
    case worker to watch over convicts
    educator, supervisor or professor in an educational institution

The forensic psychology salary that you will receive largely depends on your education, experience, nature of work, and the field in which you have found the job. There may be several factors that may influence your income.

Education or qualification

A forensic psychologist with a master's degree earns $59,440 per annum on an average, while a doctorate degree can increase your income to as much as $93,000 in a year. The figures can increase with more qualifications in your profile, such as additional certificates or short-term courses.


According to statistics, the career of a forensic psychologist starts with an annual income of $53,500 on an average. Within 2 years, the salary increases to $57,000, and after 5 to 8 years, an experienced forensic psychologist draws a salary of $66,000 per annum. Senior professionals with around 20 years of experience in the field manage to grab $74,988 to $86,000 in a year easily. The figures suggest that even if your career starts with not-so-good salary, it is sure to increase soon. After all, experience matters.

Nature of job

Depending on the nature of your job and the organization in which you are placed, your annual forensic psychology salary may range from $57,000 to $64,000. On an average, a forensic psychologist employed in a local or government body earns $64,000 per year, while a self-employed one or the one working in a private firm earns a little less with $63,000 per year on an average. A non-profit organization pays $56,900 per annum to a forensic psychologist, while federal government institutions pay $60,000 on an average. If you are employed in a substance abuse center, a psychiatric institution or a general hospital, you are likely to receive $62,000 per year on an average. While non-profit organizations pay less, they may employ you even if you have no experience. Therefore, they can be a good place to start your career in the field, as the salary given by them is not so bad.

Other factors that influence your forensic psychology salary

    Researches have revealed that female forensic psychologists are given less money than male ones. Women earn $47,453 to $76,103 on an average, while men are paid $51,395 to $104,768 per year. Reasons for such discrepancies are not known, but this is what the studies have exposed about the industry.
    The geographical location in which you are practicing also affects your forensic psychology salary. Cities like Washington DC are high paying places, while Midwest areas are low paying. But remember, cost of living in such low paying areas is low as well. Therefore, you are on an advantage in these areas too.
    The reputation, authenticity and value of your university also play an important role in determining your forensic psychology salary. A degree in forensic psychology from an alleged college or university is sure to bring your more dollars.

To sum up, you will earn a good amount of money while being a forensic psychologist. But more than that, you will have peace of mind by helping others find a better path of life. Now that you know what forensic psychology salary you might earn in this career choice, you can make a wiser decision on whether this is the good choice for you or not.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forensic Psychology As A Career Option

Do you have interest in the field of psychology and you want to know what's going on in other people's minds? If you are passionate about psychology, and you think that it can be an appropriate career option for you, then you will still want to know about different specialization areas in the field, and decide upon any one of them. For example, a forensic psychology degree can be a good option for you if you are interested in psychology, and have equal curiosity for criminal justice system and criminology. To become a forensic psychologist, you will need a doctoral or master's degree in the field, along with special training such as internship, fellowship or an additional course work.

Who can acquire a forensic psychology degree?

The idea of starting a career as a forensic psychologist can sound to be appealing for many people. TV programs like Dexter and Bones have something related to forensic science only, and they have gathered a huge number of fans. Watching such programs gives a very noble and romantic view of a forensic specialist. But in real life, a forensic psychologist does not work as neatly as shown on TV. If you think that being a forensic specialist will give you something really hot to do, then may be this career path is not the right one for you. To acquire a forensic psychology degree, you will have to go to school for several years, gain an advanced degree in the field, and a doctoral degree too to become a professional forensic psychologist.

Apart from dedication, you also need to have love for psychology, along with criminal justice system. Being a forensic psychologist, you will bring justice to crime victims. You should have courage to hold criminals accountable for the terrible things they have done. You should have a willingness to work with offenders, and provide evaluations which can send them to jail or exonerate them. From theoretical knowledge to analytical skills, you will need to bring your best every time you work on a case. If you have all these qualities, then you are the right person to acquire a forensic psychology degree and pursue a career in the field.

What a forensic psychology degree involves?

What your degree program will teach you depends on its purpose and scope. A fully functional forensic psychology degree will give you complete knowledge of:

    Accurately building a network with attorneys, judges and legal professionals
    Understanding special court procedures so that you can maintain your credibility inside the courtroom
    Assessment of future risks
    Evaluation of witness credibility
    Understanding of the criminal's or victim's state of mind, so that a correct judgment can be made by the court

Scope of a forensic psychology degree

Several graduates with a forensic psychology degree find a job in penal institutions, psychiatric clinics, court settings and agencies of law enforcement. Government jobs in the field of forensic psychology also exist, especially in crime scene investigator teams and forensic teams. In courtrooms, you can find job as a consultant to the jury, or as a witness specialist. Prisons and rehabilitation centers may also employ you to work with the inmates. As a case worker, you may oversee convicts, or work with offenders to educate or treat them.

Once you have attained a forensic psychology degree, you can also impart your knowledge to other students by becoming an educator in a university or college. Your career will start with an annual income of $35,000 to $40,000, while a private sector consultant may start by earning more. Your earnings as a forensic psychologist, however, depend on your skills, experience, education and sector of employment.

To sum up

Selecting the aptest forensic psychology degree for your career can be a challenging task. While making this important decision, you have to keep in mind whether a particular specialization or a joint degree is more suitable for you. It is also important to understand the distinctions between forensic, criminal justice and criminal psychology programs, so that you can pursue the specific education you are looking for. Also remember that a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology can be a good option for a psychology career, especially if coupled with a criminal justice certificate program.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

All About Clinical Psychology PhD Programs

Clinical psychology deals with the understanding of behavioral science and scientific method. It is a field of psychology which deals with assessment and treatment of abnormal human behavior, mental illness and psychiatric problems. It is an integration of psychology and mental problem treatment, making it a challenging, yet rewarding career field. But in order to gain maximum benefits out of your education, you need to enroll in one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs offered by many global universities.

Areas of specialization

When you enroll into a Ph.D. program, you can gain specialization in any of the following specialty areas:

    Adult or child mental health
    Learning disabilities
    Emotional disturbances
    Substance abuse
    Health psychology

Ph.D. programs offer two study tracks: general study course of clinical psychology, and sub-specialty in any of the above mentioned sub-fields of clinical psychology. Any program that you choose will prepare you for a diverse range of intervention and psycho-diagnostic procedures, as well as researches.

During the program, you will need to demonstrate your ability to interpret and understand researches made by other people. Based on this understanding and interpretation, you will be designing and executing relevant researches of your own. The programs will prepare you to function in diverse academic, research and professional roles. You will gain broad exposure to empirical and theoretical underpinnings of clinical psychology, and receive extensive training in terms of techniques and strategies of intervention and assessment.

In short, these Ph.D. programs will make you capable of performing following tasks efficiently:

    Evaluating, diagnosing and treating psychological disorders of patients
    Offering testimonials in legal settings
    Educating students
    Conducting researches
    Developing treatment programs for patients
    Developing programs for the prevention of social problems
    Evaluating and treating drug or alcohol abuse

Eligibility criteria

The students should have at least a graduate degree in hand before applying for a Ph.D. program. Most universities require a 2.1 honors degree in psychology. Students with other academic achievements, like those with high degree, conference presentations, publications or research experience are generally preferred. Relevant experience in the field is also required by some universities, which means that you should be experienced in applying psychological principles into real life practice. Previous experience under the supervision of a clinical psychologist is an advantage, but nursing or support work or experience in a relevant voluntary organization can also be considered. If you have worked previously on a relevant research project can also add to your advantage, especially if it involved you to come in direct contact with the client.

Career options

Most Ph.D. programs take 4 to 7 years to complete, and call for training in diagnosis, assessment and psychotherapy, apart from research methods, neuroscience, theoretical training and specialized training in social and behavioral sciences. A Ph.D. program completes when you submit a doctoral dissertation. To become a doctor in clinical psychology, you will require 2 years of internship, and then, take state and national licensing exams. Almost all states need that one of these 2 years must be completed after gaining the doctorate degree. Besides regional accreditation, several clinical psychology Ph.D. programs are also given professional accreditation by national level authorities.

Earning capacity

On an average, a clinical psychologist with doctoral degree earns around $87,015 per annum. Salary of a clinical psychologist typically ranges from $51,000 to $90,000, depending on his or her experience in the field, interpersonal skills, nature of job and employment sector. For example, private practicing clinical psychologists with 5 years of experience earn $54,000 per annum, while after 10-14 years, the same psychologist can earn $100,000 per year. This means that even after completing one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, your salary will depend on your experience, sector of employment and skills.

There is a huge list of universities offering clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, including Ohio State University, Temple University, University of Victoria, Concordia University, Miami University, Northern Illinois University and Arizona State University. Before enrolling to one of the clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, do not forget to check out the university's faculty, course curriculum and fee structure.